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We are a family business founded, developed and led by the CEO, a truly gifted and industrious practitioner of herbal medicine. Our primary activities have been developing, processing and distributing high quality plant-based medicines for the treatment of various ailments. We are relatively young as a business, having started active trading in April 2017.
The CEO acquired the requisite knowledge from her father and grandfather. She started off as a hawker of raw, unprocessed herbs. She covered miles and miles of the streets of Accra and Tema, and was well-known for the outstanding quality of her herbs.


  • 2010

    CEO stopped hawking and found space and table to sell her wares at the Arts Centre in Accra.

  • 2011

    CD KOO Mixture and CD Malaphine Mixture burst onto the market as scientifically-processed, bottled and labelled products.

  • 2013

    GREAT HERBAL (the parent company), was registered.

  • 2013-14

    The Ghana Government selected registered herbal medicine practitioners to attend a course at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). The founder of CD Herbal Company was among the selected few. The course was accredited. CD Caps and CD FS were developed, produced and introduced unto the market.

  • 2015-16

    Another nationwide selection. Further studies and certification at the KNUST.
    All products approved at KNUST, then at the Ghana Foods and Drugs Board.

  • 2016

    CD HERBAL COMPANY was approved.

  • April 2017

    CD HERBAL COMPANY LIMITED was registered to do busines. A 280-bed hospital is currently under construction in Accra to supplement the work going on in the 3 health centres in the regions.

  • May 2020

    CD HERBAL COMPANY started working in collaboration with ADELPHI/PHARMA HEALTH PRODUCTS. Now we market a huge range of industrial hospitality, cosmetics and healthcare machinery and products.